How is Joel Cairo persistent in the book The Maltese Falcon?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cairo shows his persistence in Spade's office during their first meeting. He pulls a gun on Spade and says he is going to search the office for the black bird. But Spade knocks him unconscious. Later, when Cairo wakes up, he asks for his gun back and then points it at Spade a second time and persists in his intention to search the office. Cairo joins forces with Gutman later one. At the very end he plans to go back to the Far East with Gutman, after they discover that the falcon Spade got from Captain Jacoby is a fake. Cairo is motivated by greed.

The Maltese falcon was stolen by Brigid O'Shaughessy from a Russian general named Kemidov in the Far East. Kemidov hired Cairo to get the falcon back. No doubt, Cairo expects a large reward if he can retrieve it. However, it turns out that Kemidov just wanted to get rid of Cairo because the statuette that was stolen was a fake that the general had made after he discovered the true value of the real statuette in his possession.


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