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I want to know the formula of writing a newspaper article.

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Newspaper articles are written so that a person can glance at an article and find out the basic information or read on and learn more details.  What this means is that the first paragraph of a newspaper article should include the "who, what, when, where, and why" information.  For example, if I were writing a newspaper article about a bank robbery, my first paragraph might consist of only the following:

At approximately 2:30 pm yesterday, the First National Bank in Pleasantville was robbed of $18,000. Video cameras show a suspect fleeing from the scene.

As the article goes on, each of those facts can be expanded into a complete paragraph with more details, for the reader who wants to find out more. 

Newspaper articles should also be objective and report just the facts, not opinions. Use active verbs as much as possible and not too many fancy words because the newspaper is generally written at about an eighth grade level. If your article includes any quotations, they should be very brief, and should be introduced very simply.  For example, instead of saying,

Mrs. Smith, the bank manager, angrily stated that, "This is the money of poor people that has been taken," 

you might say something like,

Mrs. Smith, the bank manager said, "This is the money of poor people that has been taken." 

In other words, you should not characterize the quotation, and just give it. 

Sometimes this method of writing is referred to as a "pyramid" because there is very little at the top, and the paragraphs become more detailed. 

Reading your local newspaper, you should be able to notice these aspects of the articles you see. There is nothing wrong with imitating the style you see there.  Good luck! 

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mirnaguirguis | Student

if i am doing it on the earthquake that happened in haiti what should it be like and what is a good title and subtitle