I want to know briefly about the character of Louka in the play Arms and the Man by George Barnard Shaw.

arkaless | Student

An ambitious maid in the Petkoff household, Louka seems to be an example of the Shavian "new woman"who is  very clever and desperate to rise above her station. Louka who is believed to have been betrothed to another servant of the Petkoffs, Nicola, is attracted to "Raina's soul's hero" and the "hero of Slivnitza" Major Sergius Saranoff. The hypocritical Sergius too feels attracted to her and flirts with the maid behind Raina's back. It is Louka who comes to know all about the secret presence of Bluntschli in Raina's bed-chamber and about Raina's love for this "chocolate-cream soldier". She tries to break up Sergius's relationship with Raina when Captain Bluntschli returns. Louka manages to trap Sergius to compel him to marry her as she refuses to marry Nicola who, she believes to be all too servile.