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There is a lot to know about Spain, but here is some general information I can offer you.

The country of Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe and also holds several small territories on the coast of North Africa. Spain is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal, France, and the Mediterranean Sea. Spain has a population of over forty-six million people. Spanish people primarily speak Spanish but also may study English, French, or another language in their life. Spain has a constitutional monarchy and a unitary parliament. Their currency is the Euro and Spain is part of the European Union.

The capital of Spain is Madrid, but Barcelona and Valencia are also beautiful and important cities. Typically, Spain has hot, dry summers, and cold winters, but precipitation and temperatures vary around the country. Spain is home to islands, mountains, and a great diversity of plants and animals.

Spain has a long history of blending cultures. It was once a territory of the Roman Empire and later the Umayyad Caliphate. To this day, Spain bears influence from Roman and Islamic culture. In the fifteenth century, the Spanish kingdoms began to unite and grow under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. This was a great time of exploration for Spanish culture, and Spain would come to colonize and establish trade networks all over the world.

Today, Spain is famous for its beautiful historical sites, tasty food, and a style of music called flamenco. You may be surprised to know that the guitar was invented in Spain, and this instrument is very popular in Spanish music.

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