What are two important incidents in the book The Diary of a Young Girl?This is my school project, so give any two incidents.

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This first incident takes place before the family goes into hiding and describes Anne's relationships and lifestyle prior to the forced isolation.  Anne meets and begins to spend time with an older boy named Hello.  He is with his grandparents because his parents are in Belgium and he can't travel there.  Already, we can see the limitations being put upon the people.  Hello meets Anne's parents, and then the two go out for a walk.  Anne returns after 8 pm, and her father is furious with her.  Anne confesses that she doesn't have any romantic interest in Hello, but the boy she really likes is dating other girls.  She promises to obey her father.

The second incident is from towards the end of the book.  There is another break-in, and Mr. Van Daan tries to scare the burglars away by shouting.  However, someone shines a light into the gap of the wall, and the family is terrified that they are about to be discovered.  Despite Anne's writing about how bored she is, and how frustrated she is with her parents, she is still aware that there are worse dangers.  The family remain quiet for a long time, trying not to be discovered, but the tension is high and reality that the war must end soon or the family will be found is forcing itself upon all the residents.

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