I want to have an excellent summary of act 1 scene 1 of the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

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Act one, scene one, of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar contains two main characters (Flavius and Marullus) and several minor ones (although only a carpenter and cobbler are named and have dialogue). The scene takes place on the streets of Rome. 

Both Flavuis and Marullus are questioning some of the people celebrating in the streets (during the Feast of Lupercal). They wish to know why no one is working. A cobbler and carpenter tell the men that they are not working in order to celebrate Julius Caesar's triumph over Pompey. Flavius and Marullus challenge the men about their true loyalty to Julius Caesar. In fact, they remind the men that they (the men) once celebrated and rallied behind Pompey, not Caesar. 

Flavius and Marullus tell the men to go home, not to celebrate Caesar, and of their fear that Julius Caesar will gain too much power. After forcing the men celebrating Caesar's victory out of the streets, Flavius and Marullus remove all signs (decorations and banners) which signal Julius Caesar's victory. 

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