I want a half page reflection on this prayer.holy one in your wisdom you have made us dependent on one another and so we pray for the starving millions in our world. give us true repentence for our...

I want a half page reflection on this prayer.

holy one in your wisdom you have made us dependent on one another and so we pray for the starving millions in our world. give us true repentence for our greed and selfishness. empower us to make amends as best we can. help us to find the ways to share so that no one hungers at the table of life. we ask this through christ our lord

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This prayer is a direct appeal to a greater (usually benevolent) abstract being, usually called a god in various religions. We know this from the term of address 'Holy One' - of course many religions have an omnipotent 'holy being' (for example, Allah, God, Buddha, Yahweh etc.) We guess that it is a Christian prayer from the end 'through Christ our Lord.' This Christian God is seen as superior in terms of being wiser than the supplicant (prayer sayer.) The prayer reminds us to be humble and not arogant as we all depend upon one another - it may be one set of sarving people one day, but us having an alternative need, the next. The prayer asks that we recognise the times that we have not shared our own good circumstances and further that we may feel sorry in a very real sense for this. Constructively, it asks that we may be able find ways to put right the times we have failed other people.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many points to emphasize on this prayer. You can talk about if from the angle of the last sentence, "We ask this through Christ our Lord." This alone gives you a huge amount to say. First, you can look at the prayer of Jesus (John 17), or his deeds (the gospels). From this you can look at the example of Jesus and call his followers to do the same. You can say that this prayer is consistent with his prayers and actions. Another point that you can write on is the the idea of repentance. You can point out that repentance presupposes forgiveness and this assume that God will forgive in Christ. This again then brings you back to Christ.

frizzyperm | Student

Dear Lord,

I am hungry. My children are dying of hunger. My wife is hungry. I don't want other people's payers, I want food. Please can I have food, not well meaning concern?


A hungry person

mkcapen1 | Student

God, in all his intelligence and guidance, has given one the ability to know what it is like to need someone else.  He established this pattern of dependency in order that we can and will help one another on earth.  He has given us the knowledge and the skills to help others. 

We sin often and need to ask his forgiveness for our sins. Some times we ask for forgiveness but we don't make any changes that prevent us from doing the same thing wrong again.  We need His power and support so that we won't continue to make the same mistakes.  In the prayer one is asking for forgiveness for keeping what he has and not sharing it with those who are less fortunate.

He is asking God to help him to make amends by doing things that will please God.  He is talking about the” hungers at the table of life," but it has two meanings; The resolution to the hunger would mean teaching God's gospel and faith to others.  The second is that we have to share what we have. 

In Christ is said as representation of the way to God is through the son.