What is a summary of chapter 4 of Frindle?

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At the end of chapter three, Nick tried to stop Mrs. Granger from assigning homework by asking a question. He figured that the answer to his question would take so long that Mrs. Granger wouldn't have time to assign homework. However, Mrs. Granger is a seasoned teacher, so she knows what Nick is doing. She turns the question back on him by asking him to research the answer and give an oral report on the matter the next class period.

Chapter 4 begins with Nick doing the assigned homework and his research for the oral presentation. He isn't happy about it because it is a really nice day outside, and his parents insist on their kids doing homework right when they get home. Nick opens the dictionary to begin researching the origin of words; however, he is stalled by the fact that the reading level is above his head.

Nick goes downstairs to find a children's encyclopedia. Unfortunately, the various sources don't help Nick much because he only understands...

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