I want explanation for Wyatt's poem "Forget Not Yet."

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One must always understand that any summary provided for a poem relies upon the reader's personal interpretation of the poem. What this means is most answers regarding poetry are answered subjectively.

Thomas Wyatt's poem "Forget Not Yet" was typical of his other poetry which dealt with the theme of love. Here, Wyatt wishes that his love will not forget the things which seemed to be etched in his own heart.

It seems that the relationship has come to a rocky point. Wyatt is reminding his love of the things in their life together which created and kept their love strong, to this point.

Strangely, at the end of the poem, Wyatt changes what he asks of his love. Instead of telling his love to "forget not yet" he tells her "forget not this."

Therefore, the movement of the poem is one of remembrance. Wyatt wishes his love to remember the good times and the bad times, the length of time they have been together, and the faithful love they share. Regardless of the past, he wishes that his love never forget the lengthy love they share. By ending the poem in this fashion, the length of their love is of the utmost importance and Wyatt hopes is contains the same importance for his love.

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what IMAGERY is used in this poem?

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