I need the etymology of these words: magazine, mosquito, orange, turban, umbrella.

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Here is the etymology of the words you need.  


"a place where goods are stored, especially military ammunition," from Middle French, magasin

"warehouse, depot, store," from Italian magazzino

from Arabic makhazin, plural of makhzan "storehouse" from khazana "to store up."



from Spanish mosquito "little gnat," diminutive of mosca "fly,"

from Classical Latin. musca "fly"

from Proto-Indo-European,  base *mu-, perhaps imitative of the sound of humming insects.



from Old French orange

from Midieval.Latin pomum de orange

from Italian arancia, originally narancia (Venetian naranza)

alternate of Arabic naranj

from Persian narang

from Sanskrit naranga-s "orange tree"



from Middle French turbantfrom Italian turbante (Old Italian. tolipante)from Turkish tülbent "gauze, muslin, tulle"from Persian dulband "turban"  


from Italina ombrello,

from Late Latin umbrella, altered (by influence of umbra)

from Classical Latin umbella "sunshade, parasol," diminutive of umbra "shade, shadow".