i want a descriptive note on the influence of television on the modern society......plz help me out with the points........i want a descriptive note on the influence of television on the modern...

i want a descriptive note on the influence of television on the modern society......plz help me out with the points........

i want a descriptive note on the influence of television on the modern society......plz help me out with the points........

Expert Answers
besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Television has had a tremendous effect on society, from many different aspects.

First of all, there is a lot of advertising on television. Companies are able to market their products to millions of people via television. Television allows companies to show us how their products work. They are also given the opportunity to make us want to purchase their products. This means lots of money for these companies.

Another way we can view this is by the effect television has had on children. Research has shown that children are watching an abundance of televsion which has many negative effects. When children spend too much time watching TV they get less socialization, less time for homework and reading, less quality time with parents, etc. There is also violence on TV that many children see. It is also important to realize that there are many great educational programs on television as well.  

In addition, TV allows us to know what is going on in the world almost immediately.  

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'd say the biggest effect TV has had is this:

- TV has desensitized this society to violence, vulgar language, drug use, promiscuous sex, and verbal disrespect.

If you look at the progression of TV programming and what they have been allowed to show through the past few decades, it would seem that today's standard is: anything goes.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The biggest influence of television on modern society is turning Amercians into ultra-consumers. Before TV, there were radio commercials and signs in stores, but that's nothing compared to the bright, colorful and loud bombardment of television commercials every few minutes. Not only do we see products advertised directly, but we also see characters using them.
akhnakhn | Student

TV channel has a great influence in our society.

I would like to mention the positive aspect of Television.

yeah it has a great impact in childern of age between 5 to 18.

Every child has there own stream of intrest. some like watcing Discovery animal planet n channel which shows which give some learninng quiz competition debate etc. some like sports n movie .

where as some are interested in reality show. But is issue of reality show comes then 1 thing is very clear it's full of vulgaraity but there are still few which is really good n i find those few are providing a platform for the youngster to comeup with their talent.

I believe that it's the parent how they guide there kins.

The way they show their child willl move that way.

also said "as u swon as u ripe"

Well tv has really change the society.

It's a good mean of entertainment for our house boss. means our mom , sister , or wife any one.

so from there point of view its a good.

petekinnaman12 | Student

Albert Bandura demonstrated the effect of observational learning.  He both theorized and demonstrated that we can become violent when we see violence...we also learn good stuff when we witness it (gaining wisdom).  TV - influenced our perception of what is acceptable and what is not.  It can be argued that TV has a HUGE influnce on our social norms, or what social behaviors we are proned to comply with.  I just saw two lady surgeons kissing in public on the TV show, Grey's Anatomy, last night.  Made me uncomfortable, as I am sure it did to many, but ten years from now, my children will probably not think it is wierd at all. What defines social norms is changing all the time.  I know it is influenced by our addiction to entertainment media.

kc4u | Student

Television is definitely a great source of influence in the modern society--neither all good, nor all bad. But whatever be your conclusion, you just can not ignore the amazing(or idiot?) box in your drawing room.

T.V.programmes like debates & discussions provide us with enough intellectual stimulation; we have news channels, educational channels, entertainment channels; it will be a biased view if we say all such stuff are of no good use.

As I said earlier, the wonder box causes a lot of damages too by televising the so-called 'Reality Shows', soap serials, indecent presentations of sorts, often violating ethical norms and standards of social behaviour. Its influence is surely more damaging on tender mindset. Sustained televiewing may also cause some health hazards.