I want a critical summary of the story " A Modest Proposal"a detailed summmary which will help me to answer any type of question based on this story..

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I have to assume you are actually talking about the essay by Jonathan Swift, so here is a summary, there is a far more detailed and lengthy summary at either of the two links below.

Swift wrote the essay in response to the Irish Potato Famine and the incredible deprivations taking place in Ireland along with what he thought was general English indifference to the problem.

His basic proposal is that Irish babies be fattened up and then sold as food in order to no longer burden their parents with their feeding after the first year and to provide a means of modest income for the families along with an entirely new industry around the production, manufacture and processing of said babies.

It is of course a satire, considered one of the finest examples of this type of work and often used as an example to explain what satire is.

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