I want conduct a study on how schools and classrooms kill the creativity of a child, how they draw boundaries for children due to the way of teaching. I want to discuss why schools don't give freedom to the children so they can nourish their own self image. Please guide me on the research topic.

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I would suggest that you investigate alternatives to the stultifying classroom and look at other educational theories and methods; a simple Google search may give you what you want.

Would you advocate homeschooling? It has its adherents.  How about charter schools? Montessori? Waldorf? Is your issue with public schools particularly? Do you find private schooling an appealing alternative? How about (Catholic) parochial schools? Would you be open to the "Schools Without Walls" model of alternative or experimental models?

Look at the various types of educational models that are currently available and decide which you find the most appealing. Or decide what your objectives are and see which alternative educational theories are in line with them. There are many theories and methods in use and one of them may appeal to you.

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