What is the chronological time line following Quentin's death in The Sound and the Fury?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first part of the time line in The Sound and the Fury following Quentin's death is as follows:

Caddy married in 1910 and, as a result of his sorrow over her lost purity, Quentin took his life while at Harvard shortly thereafter. Also, earlier in 1910, Benly misbehaved with the neighborhood girls making them scream and was castrated as a result. Next in 1912, Mr. Compson died as a consequence of alcoholism.

After this the time line runs like this:
1912 Roskus states that the Compsons are unlucky. 
1912 With T.P., Benly takes the toy of Caddy;s illegitimate daughter and Dilsey mentions Caddy's name is no longer to be mentioned at the Compson house.
1912 or 1913 Mrs. Compson and Benly go to the cemetery to visit the graves of Quentin and Mr. Compson.
1928 Luster and Benly are at the golf course and Benly gets stuck on a nail. Benly surprises Caddy at the swing with a man in a red tie. Benly has birthday cake, burns his hand. Miss Quentin says she doesn't like the Compson home and curses Jason. Benly, from an empty room, sees Miss Quentin escape from the bedroom window and run away just like her mother Caddy used to do.

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