I want a complete 4 minute presentation on Pride and Prejudice based on two characters.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am afraid that this website doesn't really work like that. We are here as editors to help students like you complete their work by answering questions to help you on your way, not to do everything for you. Also, you haven't really given us much information regarding the topic or the particular area that you need to cover in this presentation. I have included a few links below to the enotes study section of this novel so that you can peruse them and hopefully gain more information about this novel. You also might like to think about doing a presentation in a more creative fashion which might gain you extra credit. I am teaching this novel at the moment, and I set my students the task of doing a presentation based on various characters, and some of them dressed up and acted as the characters they were presenting, which was absolutely hilarious. Such a novel approach to a presentation can only get you extra points. Hope these ideas help! If you want to ask another question which is more specific, please do so, and we will be able to help you.

preetkanwar | Student

u can cover the concept of darcy and elizabeth's relationship. how it developed. here u cn cover the concept that 1st impression is nt the last impression.ist elizabeth finds darcy a cold and pruod man and develpoed a prejudice against him and as time passes she finds herself in love with darcy. and about ur 2nd question that why we should study pride and this novel,, it is a socological novel and an interesting one. here jane austen has deal with a theme of marraige, that how young bennet sisters are so anxoius to find best match for thereself. how they run after husbands.there are many other interesting element, when u read the novel , u will find.

and by this lin u ll get easy outline, which will help u in ur presentation.

hananhafeez | Student

thankyou.......!!For replying me positively...!!I find this site very helpfull..!