Macbeth: a character sketch of Macbeth from a gallant general to a tyrant king?It is a kind of character analysis of Macbeth, the protagonist of the play.

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The protagonist in Shakespeare's tragic play Macbeth changes from a gallant general to a tyrannical king.

Macbeth, at the opening of the play, is revered for his heroism and loyalty to King Duncan. Based upon his good behavior, heroic acts, and loyalty, King Duncan awards Macbeth the title of the Thane of Cawdor (the former thane being charged and found guilty of treason).

After the witches call Macbeth king, he begins to wonder about the truth behind the prophecies. Banquo even questions his fears based upon the fact that everything sounds so good.

When first discussing the murder of Duncan with his wife, Macbeth states that he would like to feel the new title (Cawdor) prior to taking on the role of king. She, Lady Macbeth, is the one who pushes him to take the throne.

Macbeth, therefore, does not become a tyrant until he has tasted blood. He knows that Banquo threatens the throne, as well as Malcolm and Macduff. His tyranny begins with the murders of Banquo and Macduff's family.

In the end, one can see that Macbeth begins to soften. The soliloquy he makes after finding out about his wife's death and the stating that he has already taken the lives of Macduff's family (and does not wish to take his as well) shows a different side to the blood-stained king.

For Macbeth, the promise of power was too much. He could not allow "chance to crown" him. He had to take it and continue to protect it. This was his downfall.

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Macbeth, a tragedy by Shakespeare is not only a play only for performance but it has depicted some nautral instict of human being.

A gallant genral become tyrant, it is not easy but the circumstances moves him lot and more so ever the company of his wife lady macbeth made him so. Undoubtedly he was a great general and he did lot of things to improve the reputation on his king, He won the battles on behalf of his king and get rewared also by the king. But... O God..... vulnurablity and superstition of man kind that prediction of three bitches diverted his mind, and a spark lit in the mind of Mecbeth. And this spark further aired by Lady mecbeth. She inspired him so much to murder the king and get the throne.Though he find himself fail to murder his king his wife did it. 

So if we minutely observe we find that he was not guilty but it was the ambition of lady mecbeth which causes the disaster in the life of mecbeth.