I want an interesting speech on music/money/arts and crafts.

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This is a very broad topic, and so you need to have a main idea or thesis to guide your paper. 

Judging from your topics - music, money, and arts and crafts, let me give you a few interesting ideas. 

One topic that has garnered attention these days is how to price digital music. How much should artists get paid for digital downloads? How about streaming subscriptions. If you have a steaming subscription, you don't own the music. So, how should artists get paid? Another complication is who owns digital music? If I buy thousands of songs on iTunes, can I pass it down to my son? Remember digital music does not loss quality. You always have it. Any of these would be great topics. 

The same can be said for arts and crafts. How do you price art? When you get into this territory, you might even want to bring in some Karl Max. He has something called commodity fetishism.

According to Karl Marx, in a capitalistic society, the value of an item is abstracted from its context and so severed from those who produced them. The value of an item, therefore, is not in the labor that went into an item or even the price of the raw material, but in the item itself and more importantly in what people will pay. Now apply this to the pricing of art. Fascinating topic.