Please help me write an essay on the following: "Minds are open when hearts are open."

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essays typically fall into one of four main types: description, narration, exposition, and argumentation. Within these, a number of formats can be used: compare/contrast, cause/effect, definition, and definition (to name a few). Within any essay, one must also apply an approach. The four main approaches in essay writing are chronological, emphatic, spatial, and simple-to-complex. In order to begin writing an essay on "Minds are opened only when hearts are opened," one must first define how he or she wishes to illustrate the idea.

A common essay format to use in examining or defining a specific situation, one can use a narrative essay. A narrative essay tells a story. Within this, the writer uses the chronological approach (events are in order in which they happened). This essay would tell of a time where one illustrated a real event which illuminates minds opening when a heart opens.

Another type of essay where the topic could be examined is a cause and effect essay. Given the topic naturally sets up one event following another, this type of essay would fit well. One would construct an essay which describes a time where an open heart (cause) opened a mind (effect). The approach for this would either be emphatic (begin with least compelling example and move to most compelling example) or a casual chain (a derivative of the chronological--one thing follows another in order).

In any essay chosen, one must first define situations where an open heart led to an open mind. Some of the best prewriting techniques, to get the information flowing, are free-writing (write continuously for 5 minutes), webbing/mapping, and brainstorming.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As educators on ENotes, our job is to lead students in the right direction when asking about an essay. Given that your "question" states your need for an essay, the most an educator can do is help you to define the parameters of an essay which deals with the topic--"Minds are open when hearts are open." This being said, an essay focusing upon this topic will define or illustrate different situations where an open heart leads to an open mind.

One way to format an essay addressing this idea would be to use a narrative approach. In this approach, the essayist will tell a story about a time where an open heart led to an open mind. The essay would be chronological in its approach as well. This means that the events of the defined situation would be laid out as they happened in time.

Another way to format an essay regarding this subject would be to construct an illustration essay. An illustration essay takes an idea or concept and proves the statement through examples.

I have linked the Online Writing Lab (OWL) through Purdue University. This is a great writing site.

BlancaLevine | Student

Leartnig to write the essayu would be a maddeninf process for a student but once if you get into the point it is the easitest and interesting work.  you have choosed a nice concept. Fisrt thing that you have to take care is about the format of the essay. format of the essay should be proper one otherwise you will loose the mark( title, introduction, body part, conclusion). Next tjing is the oinformation that you required for the writing work . Once if you collected the information make a proper outline for that and write. I hope i he;lped you. good luck for your work

ink-smudge | Student

If you need something to inspire you, look at what the prompt offers. "Mind" and "Heart" are usually two organs you'll find in conflict--especially with stories. But, this prompt is different, it implies they're in harmony. 

That's something new. Perhaps it's saying that when you're in love, you tend to be more accepting/lenient of your lover's culture/viewpoints/character. Or maybe it's leaning more to the side that when you have an open heart, aka a good attitude, you learn more. 

Think those suggestions over, and see if one sparks your interest.