Suggest an alternative ending to "An Astrologer's Day."

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An alternate ending in the story "An Astrologer's Day" could involve Guru Nayak recognizing the astrologer. When he lights his cheroot, he could recognize the astrologer. Then the two of them could fight. This time, Guru Nayak could leave the astrologer for dead. A nearby vendor could rush the astrologer to a nearby hospital. The doctors could save the astrologer's life. 

Another ending could be that Guru Nayak could recognize the astrologer. The two of them could talk out their differences. In this way, the astrologer would be relieved of the burden in thinking he had killed Guru Nayak. The astrologer could invite Guru Nayak to his home for a late night dinner. 

Both Guru Nayak and the astrologer could become friends. 


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