Suggest an alternative ending to "An Astrologer's Day."

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since this tale is an ironic one that ends with a harmonious finish as do many of Narayan's tales, an alternative story should be structured similarly.

In the original story, the Guru ironically is the lesser in understanding when traditionally a Guru is considered a totally "seeing" person who enlightens those who are ignorant and spiritually blind. He also is a man who seeks vengeance when he should be a man of peace. Therefore, an alternative version of "The Astrologer" can have much the same narrative except that the Guru is wiser. Thus, instead of the astrologer tricking Guru Nayak and telling him to go to his home and remain, living in peace, the Guru can recognize the astrologer as his assailant, but only pretend that he does not. Going along with the questioning, he can respond in the same manner as in the original narrative since he hopes to trick the astrologer into revealing something of himself. Finally, the Guru can ask a question to which only his old assailant knows the true answer. Then, the irony will turn upon the astrologer's revelation of himself as he is caught off guard and responds, revealing his identity to the man who has been his victim.

Because the Guru remains a man of peace, he does not retaliate against the astrologer. Instead, he tells his old foe that he forgives him, and he informs his former enemy that he must make amends for his being a charlatan. But, because of the astrologer's shrewd insights, Guru Nayak asks his old enemy to work with him in helping others. The other man agrees, drops his false claims as an astrologer, and the two enemies are reconciled. 

lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An alternate ending in the story "An Astrologer's Day" could involve Guru Nayak recognizing the astrologer. When he lights his cheroot, he could recognize the astrologer. Then the two of them could fight. This time, Guru Nayak could leave the astrologer for dead. A nearby vendor could rush the astrologer to a nearby hospital. The doctors could save the astrologer's life. 

Another ending could be that Guru Nayak could recognize the astrologer. The two of them could talk out their differences. In this way, the astrologer would be relieved of the burden in thinking he had killed Guru Nayak. The astrologer could invite Guru Nayak to his home for a late night dinner. 

Both Guru Nayak and the astrologer could become friends.