What are falling and rising moments of the protagonist in Doctor Faustus?

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From a theological perspective, Faustus’s fall begins the moment he gives his soul to Mephistophilis and continues until he is dragged into the depths of hell (and presumably for a little longer, until he can fall no deeper). It might be said that he rises slightly in the moments when he considers repentance, but since he never considers this very long or very seriously, these would be the feeblest moments of rising action against an unmistakable downward trajectory.

In temporal and even intellectual terms, one might see Faustus rising for a short time immediately after he signs away his soul. He questions Mephistophilis as an unique source of knowledge, demands books which will give him magic powers and reveal to him the secrets of astronomy, and contemplates taking a wife, or at least a series of concubines. This, admittedly, is not much of a rise, certainly not compared with the fantasies he entertains before he gives up his soul:

Had I as many souls as there be stars,
I'd give them...

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