In Walk Two Moons, how old is the narrator?

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The narrator in Walk Two Moons is a girl named Sal. Her full name is Salamanca Tree Hiddle. She has some Native American ancestry, although she and her mother preferred to be called Indian instead. She tells us at the beginning of Chapter 2 (“The Chickabiddy Starts a Story”) that she is “only thirteen.” We can get more hints at her own age in Chapter 4 (“That’s What I’m Telling You”) when she and her friend Phoebe talk with Mrs. Partridge, who is blind. The old woman feels Phoebe’s face with her fingers and estimates, rightly so, that the girl is thirteen. They’re in the same class at school. This is also an age at which an adult may want to share only part of his/her important stories and not the more complete versions, in order to not burden a young and innocent teen with too many unpleasant details. This fact and the narrator’s age are keys to understanding the framework of the book.


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