Wake Forest UniversityWhat are the questions you will get in Wake Forest University skype interview ?    Thanks !

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I cannot speak to specific questions, but in general there are certain questions most college interviews will ask.  First, some general tips.  Make sure you are ready well before the time the interview is starting.  Try to have a neutral background, such as a blank wall, so it won’t be distracting or embarrassing.  Make sure things are completely quiet.  If possible, you should be the only one in the house.  At the very least, make sure your door is closed.  Also, make sure you have a good microphone.  Test these conditions with a friend or family member first.

Be prepared for general but personal questions.  Number 1: Why do you want to attend our school?  Research the college and make sure you have information about it.  Other questions might center around your major, extracurriculars and other important information about you.