What is the message of the poem "Sorcery" by Jessica Hagedorn?

lit24 | Student

The main theme of the poem is the jealous feelings which are evoked in ordinary people when they come across extraordinarily beautiful people. When we see very beautiful people we somehow feel inadequate and begin to hate ourselves and are overpowered by negative feelings and hence she says

"there are some people i know
whose beauty
is a crime.
who make you so crazy
you don't know
whether to throw yourself
at them
or kill them.

which makes
for permanent madness.

These negative feelings are universally evoked at place any time and she warns us to be careful.  She concludes by advising  us that we must especially be careful to avoid

"magic shows
especially those
involving words
words are very
tricky things.
everyone knows
the most common
instruments of

These "magic shows" could most probably mean the tricks and artifices of modern day courtship when lovers fool their partners with false romantic hopes and desires.


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