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Was voter turnout in the 2008 presidential election much higher, with 70 percent of eligible citizens participating, only higher, with 62 percent of eligible citizens participating, slightly lower, significantly lower or pretty much about the same as the election in 2004?

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From the sound of the question, it seems as if there is a text or some type of resource that is guiding the answer.  I would refer to that and seek the answer from that source even before anything here.  I do think that it can be stated with some level of certainty that voter turnout in 2008 was fundamentally higher than what it was in 2004.  Specific demographics reflect this.  The number of Hispanic voters was significantly higher in 2008, as was Asian- American voters.  There were more African- American voters, also.  This helped to bring the "non- white" vote as being much more significant in 2008, helping the overall voter turnout rise. As with all statistics, I think that one can derive different percentages from different sources.  Yet, I think that voter turnout can be seen as higher in the 2008 Presidential Election than was featured in the 2004 Presidential Election.  These demographics were not merely a "blip" on the screen.  The same type of presence was seen in the 2012 Presidential Election, where overall turnout dipped a bit from 2008 numbers, but particular demographic turnout and enthusiasm ended up proving quite decisive in the election outcome.  Yet, this stems from the fact that the voter turnout in 2008 was higher than in 2004.

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