Is it cheaper to buy the following orange drink or make your own? An orange drink is 10% each of orange juice and corn syrup. 1.5 L of the drink is $0.95. 1.5L orange juice is $1.49 and 1.5 L corn syrup is $1.69.

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The orange drink containing 10% orange juice and 10% corn syrup costs $0.95 per 1.5 L. It is assumed the rest of the drink is water which has a negligible cost.

The cost of 1.5 L of orange juice is $1.49 and the cost if 1.5 L of corn syrup is $1.69. If the drink is made using the two ingredients the total cost is 1.49/10 + 1.69/10 = 3.18/10 = $ 0.318

Making the orange drink costs $ 0.318 per 1.5 L while it costs $ 0.95 per 1.5 L if the same is bought.

It is less expensive to make the orange drink from its ingredients than to buy it.

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