In Voices of freedom document 182, what did Schlafly criticize about ERA?

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Schlafly believed that the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) would harm women. As she wrote, "Why should we lower ourselves to 'equal rights' when we already have the status of special privilege?" She thought that the passage of the ERA would make women subject to harsh realities that men have to face, such as the draft. In addition, she thought that the ERA would get rid of a women's right to alimony and child support and would instead establish a woman's right to these supports based only on her income. As the law stood in 1972 when she wrote this document, a man was always required to support his wife and children. Schlafly felt the ERA would interfere with these provisions and would instead force a woman to find a job to support her family. She also believed that the ERA could interfere with the custom by which women are always awarded custody of their children in the case of divorce. Finally, Shlafly felt that women's "libbers," as she calls them, were "radicals" who were damaging the family and women's traditional roles within it. She supported women's acquisition of equal pay and equal job and educational opportunities through what she calls "any necessary legislation," but not the ERA.

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