Can you name a book that contains the word "vivid"?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One book that contains the word vivid is Boy by Roald Dahl, with is an autobiographical work, even though Dahl himself did not call it that, about Dahl's childhood and early life. As part of this, one of the aspects that the book focuses on is Dahl's early childhood memories, and some of these are described very accurately and in detail. Take the following such moment from the chapter entitled "Kindergarten," when Dahl remembers cycling on a tricycle with his sister:

No grown-ups came with us, and I can remember oh so vividly how the two of us used to go racing at enormous tricycle speeds down the middle of the road and then, most glorious of all, when we came to a corner, we would lean to one side and take it on two wheels.

The adverb "vividly" here communicates the way in which even now, years after writing, Dahl has a very clear memory of this moment and the sensation he felt as he went round a corner so fast that one of the back wheels of his tricycle rose from the level of the road, leaving Dahl with the rather precarious yet thrilling sensation of being on only two wheels.

Snag | Student

Have you read Beverly Jenkins' Vivid? An African-American writer of historical romantic fiction, she has been praised for her vivid story-telling style in this book, a romance set in the 19th century when the protagonist heads out to conquer sexist and racial oppression by enrolling in medical school and ends up conquering a man's heart in the process.

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