Vitamin D is created from _________ by skin cellsA. DehydrocholesterolB. CholesterolC. HydrocholesterolD. Hydrodermis

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I agree with lachicdina's post above.

Vitamin D is created from exposure of the sun to ultraviolet light (UV).  Vitamin D3 is created in the skin when Dehydrocholesterol-7 (Answer A) reacts with ultraviolet light.

To explain dehydrocholesteral a bit is a type of cholesterol in the skin that responds to ultraviolet light when the sun hits the skin. It is then converted into Vitamin D3.

*Fun Facts about this topic: Vitamin D is essential for life in higher animals! It must be supplied in the diet on a regular basis (most of us get it automatically just from our diet and/or being exposed to the sun--however, if you live in say, Alaska or other parts of the world that do not receive adequate sunlight--you may require additional supplements.) Insufficient vitamin D can result in Rickets.


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The answer is A.  Vitamin D is produced by Dehydrocholestrol, specifically 7-dehydrocholestrol.  Then, vitamin D is converted, using 7-dehydrocholestrol, into vitamin D3 in the skin.

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