What do other characters say about Charles in "A Visit to Grandmother"? 

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Charles's son, who is called Chig, makes observations about his father. Aunt Rose says very little about Charles; Mama says things directly to her son, Charles. GL finally arrives and asks where Charles is.

  • Chig

Before he and his father Charles visit his grandmother, Chig knew his father as a warm, friendly man:

...it took only a few words from him to make them relax, and even laugh. Doctor Charles Dunford cared about people.

Chig knows that his father has spoken little about his family. About his brother GL, Charles spoke as one would who indulges a "cute, but ill-behaved five-year-old."

When they arrive at his grandmother's house, Chig's father, Charles, grimaces when his old mother kisses him. Chig notices, too, that his father says little, speaking only if spoken to, and then only briefly.

Then, at dinner, after Mama tells the story about GL's swapping a chair for a horse, hitching it to some white people's buggy and going for the ride of their lives, she asks Charles about it. Charles tells his mother he was not there, having left that June.

Chig found his face completely blank, without even a trace of a smile or a laugh.

But, as they eat supper with Uncle Hiram, Rae, and Aunt Rose, Chig does hear his father laugh at some of the stories. 

  • Aunt Rose

Aunt Rose tells Mama that Charles has come from New York in order to see her in Nashville.

  • Mama

When Charles tells his mother he is there with her, she asks Rose if he is really Charles. She then starts to cry, and she says, "God have mercy, Charles."

After she relates the story of her and GL's buggy ride with the crazy horse, Grandmother asks, "You remember how tired we was, Charles?" But, he tells her that he was not there. 

Charles also tells her that he cried when he left home because "Nobody loved me, Mama." She feels badly; then Charles says that that was the last time he cried.

Further, Charles accuses her of loving GL more because he is light-skinned and has good hair. But she contradicts him: "I didn't love any one of you more than any other." 

  • GL

After dinner, GL arrives, saying, "Say now! Man! I heard my brother was in town. Where he at? Where that rascal?"

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