In Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, discuss the significance of her writing style. In Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, discuss the significance of her writing style.

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The most dominant effect of Woolf's style in her work is that it seems like she is giving a lecture to the reader.  The style reflects this in sociologically, intellectual, and philosophical musing to the reader about the nature of the gender question and how it manifests itself in so many different forms.  Woolf's style is rooted in the idea that gender equity is a pressing issue for her, and one for the reader.  She makes the assumption that the reader understands that either there is a problem with gender equality or is in the position of suggesting that there is not one.  Woolf's style is one where she challenges reader's suppositions with argument after argument, almost as if one was engaged in a verbal sparring match with her.  This style makes her work reflective and thoughtful, causing the reader to feel the same way.  Woolf understands that this is important because the issue of gender equality is a passionate one, and an issue within which inertia is present.  She understands that if she simply uses a forceful or bullying style of writing, she will both be no better than the forces of oppression against which she fights and that she will not be as effective in convincing the reader of her purpose and goal.

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