A Room of One's Own Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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Does Virginia Woolf use the stream of consciousness technique in "A Room of One's Own"?

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Yes, Woolf uses a stream of consciousness technique to build her argument in "A Room of One's Own." In this essay, Woolf contrasts the wealth and privilege of men's colleges to the poverty of women's colleges and from this argues that lack of money and space cramps women's ability to achieve and create.

However, instead of just telling this to us in a straightforward manner, she shows it through stream of consciousness. We are inside her (or her narrator's) head as she wanders through these different colleges. We see, for example, the fine food and wine and servants at the men's college (this essay was written in the 1920s, when higher education in England was still sex segregated) and then the mutton and austere surroundings at the threadbare women's college. Detail by detail, Woolf shows us the way having resources and being in a position of not having to worry about money frees a person to pursue the creative or intellectual life. Through a technique of showing, not telling, filtered...

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