Is Violence/War ever justifiable?Please state your reasons supported by real life examples.A few suggestions on ways to avert violence in societies would be great.Thanks!

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Violence is justifiable in some extreme cases in order to combat violence.  In other words, if someone is being cruel and destructive, it is acceptable to me, morally, to use violence to protect people.  It is kind of like shooting in self-defense.

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I think that it is not typically justifiable to start a war.  However, there are times when it could be.  I think that violence and war would be justifiable, for example, as a way of stopping some horrible evil like the Holocaust.  War is also justifiable when one's country is attacked and endangered.

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I absolutely agree with post#4. War/violence can never do good to anyone. Violence only brings more destruction and devastation. But for self defence, sometimes we have to act violent. Moreover in this world of today a little violence is required(only for self protection).

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Personally, and in cases of war against the innocent, I believe it is never justifiable. However, in cases where an act of self defense occurs, it can be. Fighting back against violence with a form of violence is also justifiable in some ways, although in some cases, it's not -if it's too violent.

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