Harold Pinter's plays are considered comedies of menace, intrusion and violence. What are the examples of violence in his "The Caretaker"?

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In the play 'The Caretaker' by Harold Pinter, violence is very closely tied in with power. This starts right from the beginning of the play - Davies is rescued from a the potentially dangerous situation of a fight. Aston then leaves the tramp in another potentially dangerous situation - alone, with the potential for angry treatment by Mick.Then Mick does attack Davies and afterwards persecutes him with stories of turning him over to the police.These are all acts of overt or non-overt violence underlying the action. He bullies him some more by his intimidating non-stop questioning, frightening the old man and making him anxious and fearful. Mick then witholds the bag from Davies and a vaccuum cleaner is used to threaten him. Davies however is the one with no power and nowhere to go at the end.

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