juz-what | Student

I feel that capital punishment should be done away with. Other people may counter this with “Even for cold-blooded killers who may have taken the lives of numerous people?” Difficult as that may be to answer, my reply is an affirmative one.

I believe that it is inhuman to take another person’s life. The life of a human being is sacred, no matter how profane or perverted it may seem at a particular time or place. For me, that would be reason enough not to enforce capital punishment. Of course, emotional appeals are non-sufficient. The logical world that we live in requires logical responses, not emotional ones.

There are several logical responses to the matter. One important one is that the judicial system in any country is never perfect. A miscarriage of justice however rare or improbable can occur. In some instances, a person who has been found guilty, is found, in the light of fresh evidence, to be not guilty instead. In a case like this, if capital punishment has been imposed and carried out on him, there would be no second chance for this person. If, however, this person were under a life imprisonment sentence, he could at least appeal, be retried and set free. The gist of it is, capital punishment is final, too final. It does not make room for the probability of error that exists in an imperfect system.

I feel also that capital punishment is not absolutely necessary. There are other ways to solve the problem of crime in a country. Among these are imprisonment and rehabilitation. Some may argue that prison maintenance can cost the government a lot of money. There could also be the problem of overcrowding in jails, if capital punishment is done away with. This would mean building more jails, and using more of the taxpayer’s money. My proposal is that the government put the criminals to work. They could do basic work like making handicrafts or even producing food and clothing. These could be sold and the revenue channeled back to the government. So, in a sense, the prisons could become self-supporting.

Capital punishment, I feel, should be abolished – for the reasons that I have mentioned, most of all, for the reason that it violates a person’s right to life.