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View the films "Tabloid" (Errol Morris) and "Exit through the Gift Shop" (Banksy) generate a response to both films The ideas and thoughts are what is most important. Please DO NOT SUMMARIZE or create a report about the films

While we can't write your response for you, we can give you some themes and ideas that link both films. One idea is the truth. How can we know what's true? What really happened between Joyce McKinney and Kirk Anderson? Is Gift Shop an actual documentary or is it a mockumentary or is it something in between? You might also want to discuss our culture's fascination with secrecy, corruption, and transgression. We notice three elements in both films.

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We cannot write your response to Tabloid and Exit Through the Gift Shop for you. A response is supposed to be personal. You should say in your own words what most captivated you about these two documentaries (if Gift Shop is indeed a documentary). What we can do is help you think through some of the most central themes and ideas. Then you can choose to expand upon them in your own way.

One idea that we notice right away is that of reality. In both these films, we wonder: What is real? What is the truth? Did Joyce McKinney really rape and kidnap Kirk...

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