A View From The Bridge- Briefly explain what the play is about and the key themes also the social/ historical context in which the play is set.

georginaalice | Student

the play is based in Red Hook, which is described as a 'slum' and the 'gullet of New York'. It focuses on an Immigrant family, Eddie Carbon is married to Beatrice, who have gardienship of Catherine their niece. Beatrices cousins come to move in with the family. but when a romance blossoms between Rodolfo and Catherine, Eddie shows signes of jealousy and makes it clear that he does not approve of the relationship. Catherine and Eddies once close realionship drifts apart and when he hears news of a marriage of he goes to Alferi for advice where it is obvious he is going to do something drastic. he does and calls the immigration, ratting out Rodlofo and Marco. when he returns home he is informed they moved out and went to live iwth another familly upstaiars who also has illigel immigrants. Eddie tries to get them out of the house to avoid them getting caught but the authorities come and take the illigal imigrants away. Marco is very angry and is only let out of jail as he promises not to Alferi that he wont do anything to Eddie. he goes back on his word and there is a fight between Marco and Eddie on the street. it ends when Eddie gets stabbed by Marco.


- Romance

- Jealousy

- Independance

- Honour

- JUSTICE - is a main theme, as the difference veiws of justice between justice in America, which is the law (written down) and the justice in Sicily which is more like a code of  conduct. Alferi could be scene as a character that links the different kinds of justice.

- Love