What factors lead to the mass migration of Vietnamese "Boat People"?: a. socialb. religiousc. cultural This question relates to the course of- WORLD GEOGRAPHY: HUMAN INTERACTION

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'Boat people' was a term that was used post 1975 to label those who decided to illegally leave their countries due to their persecution by the new communist regimes in power.  Geographically these people came from all over southeast Asia, Cambodia and Vietnam among them. After the United States military withdrawal in 1975 Vietnam became a communist country. Many Vietnamese people feared that their lives were in danger because of their political opposition to the new government.  The main factor that led to their mass migration to various nations in western Europe, as well as the United States and Canada was FREEDOM. It was for social FREEDOM, religious FREEDOM, and cultural FREEDOM. The plight of these refugees was compounded by hunger, discrimination, fear, physical abuse, and death. Regardless of the dangers, these people decided that FREEDOM was worth the chance. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the Vietnamese boat peoples' experience...I hope you understand and respect what that is.


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