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This one is persistent! A lot of people don't realize that once something is put out on the web, it is almost impossible to erase. I read an article recently that said that more and more social networking is being used as evidence in divorce cases and to fire people or prevent them from getting jobs.
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We run into a social network that seeks to the interaction of its users, but this time in a thematic manner, Viddy proposes its users to share the passion for the videos to publish recordings made with the terminal, and offering a list of filters to customize and give an artistic touch to the moment. This functions already seen in social networks like Twitter, such as the ability to follow other users discover their recordings and limit these to express basics, its operation is very simple, although at first sight the amount of buttons on the screen can overwhelm. To make a recording only should press the Centre button on the bottom bar, which is the icon of a camera lens. Here comes the option to record a video at that same moment through the camera of the terminal, or the possibility of choosing one already stored in the gallery.
Once selected, Viddy shows a screen with the different possibilities of customization and editing this video.Viddy, a videos social network with filters for iPhone In particular, it is possible to choose ten different filters to transform the appearance of the image and give it a classical touch with black and white, or a look more filter Retro vintage. In addition, it is possible to add a background song, and regular volumes to create a complete Assembly.

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