Victors obession with natural science results in two years passing with no visits home how would you evalute his character at this point?Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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In his obsession with natural science, Victor Frankenstein becomes absorbed in a dangerous realm.  For, to surpass what is natural is to venture into the desires reminiscent of Satan's in Paradise Lost in which he dreams of the new world to be created which he may make his own.  Also, like the fallen angel in his desires, Victor is not content with the results "promised by the modern professors"; rather, he desires what "the masters of science" have--immortality and power.

This absorption of Victor into his insatiable desire to learn the wonders of science to the exclusion of his loved ones points to the unnaturalness of scienfific pursuit that the Romantics felt, for they were believers in intuition, the beauty and value of human friendships, and in the importance of family and loved ones. Moreover, Victor's obsession with natural science to the exclusion of personal relationships foreshadows the tragic events of Shelley's narrative.

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