Is Victor Frankenstein a static or dynamic character?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A dynamic character is one who undergoes a significant change as a result of the action of the story.  This may also include a character who recognizes a momumental realization.  A link for the definition of dynamic and static is provided below.

Victor Frankenstein as he is portrayed by the boat's captain is a quiet, serious, and melancholy man.  This is him after his experience.  As soon as Frankenstein starts to narrate for himself, we see that his younger persona was exuberant and determined.  He changes as a result of tragedy, sorrow, and shame.  Beyond this change is the realization of his arrogance and the dire consequences that followed his attempt to control life.  This realization is central theme of the story.  With both the change in personality and the realization of his guilt in his own downfall, this protagonist satifies the requirements of both definitions.