Victims of conflict can often be the most powerful. I need help with ideas, please. :)

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Victims of conflict can become powerful when they overcome the situation which made them a victim. This is a theme that resonates in many literary works, particularly those texts that reflect ideas relating to discrimination.

In feminist literature, for instance, the reader is often presented with female characters who rise above conflict and emerge stronger for having done so. Think, for a moment, about the strong female characters that you have encountered in your classwork. Jane Eyre comes to mind as one of the strongest female characters in the traditional literary canon to overcome great challenges and emerge stronger, but modern literature as well has a wealth of options for you to consider. Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games is clearly a victim of circumstance, but in the end she is a victor not only in the arena but also in a broader sense in that she uses her intellect to overcome her oppressor and become more powerful than the regime that sought to oppress her.

African American literature, as well, often gives us victims who ultimately become powerful. Look to the poetry of Langston Hughes and novels such as The Color Purple and you will find victims who use the conflicts that they are faced with in life to rise to power over those who sought to keep them down.

The main thrust behind these themes can be evidenced in what is known as the hero cycle in literature. A hero must be an ordinary person who initially resists a call to action but ultimately embarks on a path that leads him or her into a conflict situation. From this conflict, the hero often becomes a victim and experiences an emotional or physical death before arising stronger and more powerful than before. The victim character is an interesting plot point because he or she must climb to a higher place along the journey. A character who is already powerful, on the other hand, has nowhere to go but down!

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Yes, because untill we become the victim of conflict we cannot reach to the Truth. Our inner conflictions teaches us the real knowledge and help us to touch the Truth.