A Very old Man with Enormous WingsWhat human shortcomings might Garcia Marquez in his story, "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings", be satirizing on how the townspeole react to the angel?

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There is quite a lot that can be said about this. First, Marquez is satirizing people's attitudes towards what should be treated as sacred. When Pelayo and Elisenda find what they believe to be an angel, their first reaction is to lock in in their chicken coop. They then charge the townspeople admission to see it, totally exploiting for their own ends what should be seen as a sign from God. The townspeople, too, act in a completely irreverent manner, poking the "angel" and making fun of it.

Marquez is also satirizing the fickle nature of human interest. For a time, the "angel" draws large crowds of onlookers. It isn't long, however, before the crowds' interest is diverted by bigger and better entertainments.