it is very important !!!!!!! Why is Lord Emsworth such a memorable character ?  please tell me !!!!!!

mubbashir | Student

The main protagonist , Lord Elmsworth is described as ''fluffy minded and aimiable, old gentleman with a fondness for new toys''.In the beginning of the story, he is shown with a telescope along with Beech, the butler. He is unable to figure out how to use a telescope when the butler advices him to remove the cap. ''Eh Cap?Is there a cap?So there is.Take it off Beech''. Lord Elmswoth is basically portrayed as a selfish yet the stupid earl in order to create humor in the story. The butler helps him remove the cap of the telescope and then he starts viewing the cow in the meadows.One usually buys a telescope to study the stars or moon but Elmsworth here uses it to simply look at a cow. He is fascinated by this ordinary creature and describes it as ''remarkable''. This is why his character is so lovely and a very memorable one!

anjali989 | Student

Earl of Emsworth is an important character is important. The way the writer describes him makes him lovable . We see him as a fluufy minded old gentleman, yet has a heart of a child we see this by him loving toys. He's a bumbling fool yet a sweet one.we love him inspite of his short comings, this makes him lovable and from this he becomes a special character in our mind.The humor created by emsworth and the way writer describes it makes him a lovable and memorable character. 

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