Explain the formation of a scatter plot in terms of a vertical line & horizontal line that pass through (-7,4). The correlation of the data will have to be described within these limits. 

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is unfortunately ambiguous and it depends on the data as to where the scatter plot would become defined. The correlation (negative or positive) will depend on the placement of the data.The horizontal line y=4 is a special graph as is the vertical line (x=-7)  that goes straight up and down through the x point of -7 and it intercepts the other line y=4 at the point (-7;4)

The data relevant to the scatterplot will presumably fall above or below the given point. The x and y variables will define any linear relationship.

quddoos | Student

sorry! it is from the continue of the question can you please give calculations!