In Valley Song by Athol Fugard, Veronica refuses to accept her limitations and circumstances. Explain if you agree with this statement.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the characterization that Fugard offers is one where she refuses to accept her limitations and circumstances.  Veronica represents the power and galvanizing force that the subjective realm offers.  She is one that demonstrates how that spirit of the subjective does not have be repressed or forced to capitulate to the external.  She is one that recognizes her own spirit of freedom and independence can be linked to the new South Africa, one in which the limitations and repressions placed on the collective subjective consciousness of Black South Africans can be lifted for a vision that embraces promise and possibility.  It is here where she represents both the youth and spirit that can drive South Africa, but also where she distances herself from the previous generation.  When she compares herself to the pumpkin seeds, it is a moment in which she represents the need to grow, one that refuses to accept the limitations and circumstances around her.  She embraces the difficulty and the challenges that will be in front of her, but as she sings the song about the land that she has lived on all her life, it is a moment in which she accepts the future and all it contains, refusing to take limitations and negation as  answers.  It is here where her future lies and also the future of a new South Africa.