Is Verbal Communication defined as a language as a system for communicating meaning? Nonverbal Communication defined as communicating without words?

krishna-agrawala | Student

In general verbal communication refers to communication using speech. The verbal communication may be contrasted with written communication.

Both verbal and written communication make use of language such as English, Hindi, or Persian. Also, both ways of communicating, are used to convey meaning, data, information or knowledge. To this extent, it is not appropriate to define verbal or non-verbal communication on the basis of use of language or on communication of meaning. However, in verbal communication, it is quite usual to identify a "non-verbal" component. Used in this sense, non-verbal refers to communication that is not based on used of words, traditionally considered to be which form the basis of formal languages. The may include, for example, other ways of communicating meaning like the tone of speaking, face expressions, and body language. Lying in between verbal and non-verbal component of verbal communication is para-linguistics, which refers to sounds like ..oooh, ..aaah, and hmmm... which are sound people make while speaking, but which are not formally identified words in the language they speak.

It is important to note that there can be many other ways of communication used by people which do not fall under the category of either the verbal, or written communication. For example, the traffic signal lights and the smoke signals used by native Americans.