Is Vera's practical joke funny or cruel in "The Open Window" by Saki?

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Vera's practical joke is cruel.

Admittedly, Nuttel is a stranger who has been more or less foisted on the Sappleton family by his sister, who apparently wanted to get rid of him. He seems to bore Mrs. Sappleton, who can barely suppress a yawn when he starts to talk to her. He appears to talk too much about his illness and its symptoms.

One can understand, therefore, why Vera, who has been left with this unfortunate guest on her hands, would want to get rid of him. Nevertheless, the way she choses, while ingenious, is nevertheless cruel.

Nuttel is in the country at the Sappleton house for a nerve cure. He appears to suffer from extreme anxiety. Vera plays on this with a false story that leads him to believe he is seeing ghosts. He flees the house in terror. The family is rid of an unwanted guest, but we can only imagine that, by playing on his...

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