What negative behaviors manifest from dependency on virtual reality in "The Veldt"?

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In “The Veldt,” we see several consequences of immersing oneself in virtual reality and how it can affect those who do it. First of all, using virtual reality to escape real life is dangerous.  The children in the story aren’t living a typical childhood but have sequestered themselves in an alternate reality.  Using technology to escape one’s life so you don’t have to face reality is detrimental to the children and anyone who seeks this lifestyle.

In addition, relationships suffer from one’s obsession with virtual technology.  The children hate their parents, the parents are afraid to say “no” to their children, the family is bored, and they feel useless because of the technology that does everything for them.

The family in the story has forgotten how to live authentic lives.  Their reliance on technology and alternative worlds has caused them to hire psychiatrists to help mend their family.  It is a terrible way of life where one’s existence is controlled by the latest world uploaded from the newest technology. 

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