Discuss the generation gap in Bradbury's "The Veldt".

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Bradbury is making a statement about technology and youth.  In the short story, the generation gap is rooted in the idea that the parents are more skeptical of technology, and the children are dangerously dependent on it.  The fact that the parents, especially Lydia, seek to establish a more affective state of being that moves away from technology immediately threatens the children, who have come to define their existence with it.  The generation gap is already present to a certain extent.  Yet, I think that it is exacerbated in how each group perceives technology.  The fact that the children use technology to invert the power structure would also enhance this.  In the end, technology and its possession becomes the crux of the disagreement between both parents and children.  When George threatens to close the nursery, he faces intense opposition from Peter, who ensures that his will is felt in terms of possessing control over technology.

sealsinspa | Student

1. In a bizarre twist the parents have become more reliant on the house for support, and have provided the children with the authority stemming from their influence over the events in the nursery.

2. The nature of children is to learn by example.  They are simply shown by their parents to rely on the house because of its capabilities, and have instead turned to the nursery because it has helped their minds to grow.  Their parents have become failures as examples.

3. The influence of technology on people today is as it has always been.  Nurture technology so that humans have less to do, and in turn to be responsible for.  However, if we are to learn anything by example, it would be that technology is becoming "smarter" and we should concern ourselves with keep a close watch on what we "wish for".

jsphbrrw | Student

1) The children seem disintrested with their parent's authority. Lying, coming home whenever they want, telling their parents what to do "I don't think you should consider it any more, father." etc. In this story the children have a sense of authority that should belong to the parents normally.

2) The nature of the children would come a lot from their attitudes towards their parents as well as their wanting to only "look, listen, and smell." Their imaginations and development has been trapped by the sights, souds, and smells, of the virtual reality in the nursery. They have become dead in terms of creativity.

3) This one I'm going to have to leave up to you. It is supposed to be your specific opinion on what is the influence of technology on people today. Shouldn't be too hard. Think of cell phones, microwaves, and the internet.

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