The Veldt Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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In The Veldt, Bradbury show us a possible future world where technology has been allowed to take over every aspect of the characters' lives. He points to a loss of connection between individuals and argues that relationships need contact to be sustained. Imagine that you're someone else living in this future world. How has technology affected you? What would you journal about?

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This question is asking you for what you think your own, personal response would be to the technology available in Bradbury's story. If I were you, I would start by making a list of all the things that are talked about in the story. There are many of them, besides the extremely realistic "nursery," that are either used directly by characters in the story, or mentioned as something they do not want to do without if they leave their Happylife Home. There are devices that provide every type of entertainment conceivable--would you like to have those? It can be difficult to pry some students away from video games today--would you be able to concentrate on working towards life goals, if the things in the story were available to you? There are also machines that do pretty much any task for their owners, right down to tying their shoes. Would this be helpful to you, so that you could concentrate on more important things, or would it make you lazy, and negatively impact your health due to lack of exercise? Would you be someone trying to stop humanity's use of so much technology, as it is keeping people apart from each other?

If you think about these questions, you will have your own answer. I hope I have helped you organize your thoughts!

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